How To Play

Welcome To My Fantasy League

We understand that not all fantasy leagues are the same. Some leagues like to score some statistics differently to others. Some like to have large squads, some like to have small. Some want a simple, easy game while others prefer a hardcore, detailed and complex league. Welcome to My Fantasy League, the most customisable NRL fantasy league system available.
Why Play at My Fantasy League?
There are other, more established NRL fantasy league sites out there. Why should you choose to play at My Fantasy League?
The answer is simple; customisation. As the commissioner of your very own fantasy league, you can control the following:
  • Squad size (ranging from 17 to 25)
  • Which stats you use to obtain scores from
  • The scoring system for each statistic
  • Team captain bonus and option to reduce scoring for bench players
  • Keeper rules (ability to retain players from year to year)
On top of these customisations, we offer:
  • The ability to sign / release players during the weekend's games, as long as they have not yet played. That means if a player pulls out 10 minutes before a game, you have the option to either replace him with one of your reserves, or sign a new player to take his spot!
  • One of the only draft-based systems for NRL. That means each player can only be drafted by 1 team in your league. Gone are the days of every team having the same players!
  • No position restrictions in your squad. Many sites require you to have a certain number of fullbacks in your team, we have no such restrictions. It's your choice if you want to have backups, or roll the dice and only have 1
  • Ability to play a multi-position player in any of his available positions. If a player can play 2 positions, you choose which he will play each week, without ever having to lock him in to one position
  • A unique bid point system to recruit players to your team. Spend your points wisely or you will be left with none at the backend of the season
  • The ability to trade players between your league teams.
  • Designated goal kickers. Like a real NRL team, you must select your designated goal kicker. Only he will score points from goals.
  • Progressive scores during the weekend's matches
  • Trash talk, for all your sledging needs
  • and much, much more.
The Basics
There are only a few restrictions for your league while playing My Fantasy League. These are:
  • A league must consist of 8 teams
  • There are 23 league rounds, followed by a 3 week final system. These rounds coincide with all 26 rounds of the NRL season.
The Statistics We Offer
The below list contains all of the statistics available for your league to use to score points
  • Tries
  • Try Assists
  • Goals
  • Missed Goals
  • Field Goals
  • Hitups (option to score over 8m gain seperately)
  • Tackles
  • Tackle Busts
  • Try saving tackles
  • Offloads
  • Linebreaks
  • Linebreak Assists
  • 40 / 20s
  • Forced Drop Outs
  • 1 on 1 steals
  • Charge downs
  • Kicks gone dead
  • Intercepts
  • Forward Tries (combination of hitups and tackles)
  • Missed Tackles
  • Penalties Conceded
  • Errors
  • Ball stolen
  • Passes intercepted
  • Sin bins / Send offs
Starting a League
All leagues in My Fantasy League are private leagues. We feel there's nothing better than playing against your mates and sledging them while watching a game. Once you register an account with My Fantasy League there are only a few steps until you begin your league season.
  1. Create your league. Here you will choose the statistics your league will score from, the scoring system, and several other options.
  2. Send out invites to 7 of your mates
  3. Once you have your 8 league teams, it's time to create your season draw with the click of a button
  4. Perform your pre-season draft. We use a snake draft system. This means after the first round of picks, the next round is reversed so that the last pick gets the first choice in round 2 and so on.
  5. Set your teams and have fun!
How Do I Join?
Once you are ready to experience the most customisable and in-depth NRL fantasy league site around, the next step is to setup an account.