Can we start a league once the NRL season has begun?
No. Once the season has begun all leagues are locked in.
Can we choose to exclude certain statistics from our league?
Yes. Each statistic can be excluded, and the scoring system for each can also be changed.
Can I release a player without securing another?
Yes. If you wish to release a player and leave a spot open in case of injuries over the weekend, this is perfectly acceptable, and often a good strategy.
Do final matches, state of origin or test matches count towards my team's score?
No. Only statistics from the regular season of the NRL count.
One of my players missed the game at the last minute and I did't select a replacement. What happens?
Each team is granted one emergency player. If a player doesn't play from your starting 13, then your lowest scoring bench player will take his spot and earn full points. If a bench player does not play, you will get the lowest scoring player from your reserves to take his spot on the bench.
How can we prevent unfair player trades between teams?
Your commissioner can enable an option so that all trades must first be approved by him / her.
I have a player that can play in 2 positions. Can he play in either of these positions each week?
Yes. Unlike other fantasy league sites, you do not need to fill a certain quota of each position. Any player that can play Centre for example, can play there, regardless of his other available position(s).
Can player positions change during the year?
No. The positions remain locked in once they are set at the start of each season.
A new player made his debut in the NRL this week but he is not in My Fantasy League yet. Will he be added?
Yes. If a player is named during the week, he will be added before the first game of the round. If he is not named but plays on the weekend, he will be added during the following week.
When are scores finalised?
Progressive scores will update numerous times over the weekend, even once they are completed. All scores are usually finalised the day after the final game of the round, mid to late afternoon.
I got an error while using the site / I have a suggestion to make.
We strive to provide an error free experience, but sometimes they happen. Please use the Contact Us form to report any errors or offer any suggestions
How does the final system work?
At the end of the 23rd round, the top 4 teams in your league will progress to the finals. Team 1 plays team 2, with the winner moving through to the final. Team 3 plays Team 4, with the winner playing the loser of 1 vs 2, and the loser being eliminated. Week 2 of the finals features the loser of game 1, and the winner of game 2, with the winner taking the 2nd grand final spot.